Plumbing is a practice that requires high-quality equipment

Homeowners fall prey to well-crafted plumbing scams without even knowing it. The following are some of the most typical plumbing scams and how you can dodge them:

  1. Charging More for Less

Plumbing is a practice that requires high-quality equipment. Some plumbers are aware of this – that’s why they use high-cost materials and overcharge you for their services.

The best way to keep your cash intact is to compile the list of materials they plan on using and counter-checking the prices at your local hardware store.

  • Unnecessary Labor

Once you sign the contract and the plumber gets to work, new workers will show up at your home the following week. At the end of it all, he/she will charge you for the extra labor.

Before your plumber starts operating on the pipes, instruct them to do the job on their own. If they may need assistance, let them inform you in advance.

  • Your Financial Status

Most plumbers look at the number of cars on your driveway or the size of your TV before quoting their prices. Some plumbers may raise their rates by 50-100%.

Before agreeing to any work, consult with three or more plumbers. Each of their estimates should be at par with what your plumber charges you.

The fact that he/she is dressed up for the job and has a handy toolbox that doesn’t automatically qualify them to handle your pipes. Seek services from reputable contractors, and you won’t have to worry about costly scams.