Oak floors are classified into two: white oak and red oak. Of course, they both have their differences.

They’re both recommendable floor types, but white oak flooring has the most pleasant finishing.

If you have this type of floor, don’t think of replacing it any time soon. White oak flooring has advantages you should consider. Here are a few reasons you should not think of getting a different kind.

  1. It Features a Modern Design

Compared to red oak, white oak has significantly less graining. It is mineral streaks give it that contemporary look as well as a smoother uniform flow.

  • It’s More Durable

When it comes to denting, white oak flooring is more resilient. The Janka hardness scale shows that white oak has a hardness of 1360 while red oak has 1290.

  • It’s Highly Affordable

White oak is reasonably priced compared to other types of hardwood flooring. Its price fluctuates throughout the year on a supply and demand basis. If you focus on narrow strips and widths, there’s little pricing difference between white and red oak.

  • It’s Easily Stainable

Assuming you hire the services of a professional, your white oak floors can easily be stained and refinished. They offer extra flexibility on stain blends/colors.

  • It Looks More Rustic

A widespread trend among homeowners nowadays is the rustic look. If you’re looking to go for the distressed or farmhouse look, white oak flooring has more neutral and blander palettes. This enables it to go browner and less red to your advantage.