A key component in any effective website design
A key component in any effective website design

There was a time when the majority of small business owners weren’t using social media and didn’t have a website. They relied primarily on word of mouth to get more business. The tide has changed in recent years to the point that if a customer cannot find out about you on their mobile phone or home computer, they are unlikely to stop in and see you or call you. While there are still some businesses that do quite well without a website and do not require the services of a website design company, most can see an upswing in business. Here’s why:

  • Visibility – If you aren’t getting the traffic to your business that your competitors are, it could be that they have an online presence that makes them more visible. By having your own presence online that shows up in searches, your potential customers will know you exist.
  • Image – A website design professional does more than give you visibility on the internet – they build the brand that will interest customers and make them want to get to know you and use your services or products. The goal is to build confidence in your brand and be seen as an authority in your industry.
  • Rankings – You have probably seen the “free” website design sites out there and while going that route may be better than no presence at all, your website might not show up in many searches if search engine optimization, building relevant links, and creating a website that keeps viewers engaged has not been addressed.
  • Build Customer Base – A key component in any effective website design is the ability to collect viewer information. A professional designer will assist in building excitement and creating incentive for someone to sign up for your newsletters so you can build a strong email list and eventually a larger customer base.