unique flooring products that will gain momentum
unique flooring products that will gain momentum

Given the year of 2020, wouldn’t it be nice if suddenly everyone had 20/20 vision about what would be popular for home renovations? If this is the year you want to update your home and you are wondering which flooring products will be popular, a functioning crystal ball is not needed. There are many indications that it will be a stellar year for optimal creativity, rather than the same old styles and colors. It would seem likely that the proclivity will turn more to big changes rather than small ones – to make bold statements instead of keeping neutral. Here are a few flooring products and techniques that are forecasted to be at the top of the popularity scale.

  • Textured Flooring Products – Smooth flooring products are great for many uses, but if you really want to capture attention, consider textured options such as reclaimed, wire brushed, hand scraped, and distressed. You’ll find these in hardwood floors and also mimicked in luxury vinyl planks and tile.
  • Creative Installation – It isn’t just the unique flooring products that will gain momentum, but also creative ways to install them. For example, placing wood or vinyl planks in a herringbone or chevron pattern is a great way to add dimension and interest. As for tile, consider a checkered installation using two contrasting tiles.
  • Types of Flooring Products – It is expected that popularity will continue for flooring products you can feel good about using, such as American made products and eco-friendly choices. In addition, the addition of waterproof vinyl and laminate to the market will continue to interest households with pets and children.
  • Colors – You don’t have to go way off the reservation to get a wow factor with flooring products. High variation options can do that splendidly. Grays and whites are expected to continue being popular along with soft wood colors, such as honey and blonde.