We know you want what’s best for your home or business. When it comes to keeping a property clean, a significant percentage of businesses have a dedicated cleaning staff to do the job, while an equally significant percentage of homeowners struggle to keep up with the work on their own. We believe everyone could benefit from the help of a professional cleaning company, even just for a single residence, and in this article, we will be going over some tips on what to look for in such a company.

  • Experience and Training – Although often dismissed as unskilled labor, cleaning is a job that involves many complex tasks and uses a number of harsh chemicals, so it’s essential that the cleaning company you choose provides its workers with the proper training. Before selecting a company, ask about its training process, how much training its staff receives, and how often that training is refreshed. In addition, ask about how much experience the staff members have to make sure they know how to do their jobs safely and effectively.
  • Customization – Another thing to ask about when selecting the best cleaning company is what kind of customization options it offers in its cleaning plans. For a business, there may be some services that aren’t necessary for your particular facility, while for a private residence, there may be some cleaning tasks that you, the homeowner, can easily keep up with on your own. Choose a company that will allow you to be flexible with your plan and omit services you don’t need or add ones that don’t appear on the standard plan if necessary.

Green Cleaning – As mentioned before, many standard cleaning products use harsh chemicals to get their cleaning and disinfecting power, but there are a growing number of alternatives to choose from. Green cleaning products are easier on the environment when it comes to production, and easier on your local environment when it comes to their use—you won’t have to deal with a lingering bleach smell, for example. If you’re concerned about chemical use or protecting the environment, ask about what types of products a cleaning company uses and choose the one that has green products as an option.