Anytime Plumbing & Solutions - emergency plumber

One thing that you want to avoid as a homeowner is having to call an emergency plumber. A regular plumber can be expensive but calling one in an emergency can be even more. Below are three tips to help you avoid having to call your local emergency plumber.

1. Don’t Flush the Wrong Stuff

One of the biggest reasons that people have plumbing emergencies is putting the wrong things down the toilet. Condoms, tampons, pads, hair, paper towels and other things like that don’t belong in your toilet. Not only can putting these things down your toilet clog it, but it can also cause a flood. Even cigarette butts, even though you probably saw them in the bathroom at school, are a no-no.

2. Be Careful with Your Disposal

Along with watching what you put down your toilet, you also want to be careful about what you put into the garbage disposal. Things like grease, fat, bones, coffee grounds and rice are all things you shouldn’t put into your disposal. Otherwise your pipes might clog.

3. Know Your System

The biggest thing that you want to do is to know the system. You want to make sure that you know where the valves are for turning off the water, so if there’s a leak you can turn it off fast.

These are just three of the things you can do to avoid needing the services of an emergency plumber. They are easy to remember and they can help save you a lot of problems and money.