Things to Avoid When Keeping Up on Septic Tank Cleaning

One part of keeping up on your septic tank cleaning is making sure it does not get too dirty. Putting too much stress on your septic tank at a faster rate than septic tank cleaning can help will be problematic for your septic systems. Here are a few things to avoid putting into your septic system to make sure it stays healthy.

  • Trash: One sure-fire way to damage your septic system is to put trash down your drains and disposals. The only solid thing that should be put down a septic system is bodily waste and toilet paper. All other products should be thrown away or disposed of properly.
  • Food and Grease: Food waste should be thrown away, so be careful how much is put down the drain when cleaning dishes. Grease from cooking should also be thrown away because it can congeal within the pipes and cause plumbing issues.
  • Chemicals: Excess of cleaning chemicals can also be harmful to a septic system. Regular septic tank cleaning will help promote the right kinds of bacteria in your septic tank but using high amounts of chemicals down drains can kill these helpful bacteria.
  • Over Usage: All septic tanks have a certain capacity, and overuse can be bad for the tank. Make sure to only have as many people using the septic tank as the tank is rated for so you do not overload the system. 

Septic tank cleaning is an essential part of owning a septic tank, so it is important that you are not being harder on your tank than cleaning is able to handle.