4 Different Types of Materials for Custom Tables

When looking into ordering custom tables you may wonder what options are available to you. With tables, the sky’s the limit so it can be hard to know what type of custom tables will fit your style. Here are 4 popular options for materials used in custom tables, and what makes them so popular.

  1. Wood: Wood is the classic table material. It comes in so many styles, colors, and types that it has become a staple for large family gatherings. They can also be very robust and durable, and last generations if taken care of. Wood is sensitive, so sharp things and hot pans should be kept away from wood.
  2. Glass: Glass can be a very stylish material for custom tables. It can be expensive if the table is very large, but the effect glass can have in a modern interior is great. They do attract fingerprints and can shatter if met with enough force, so be careful.
  3. Laminate: Laminate is multiple thin sheets of wood glued together to appear as one block. This makes them cheaper costing, but also not as durable as standard wood. While cheaper, they can still mimic the look of wood fairly well.
  4. Formica: Formica tables are incredibly durable but are slightly restrictive in the construction and design. This means they have a particular look to them and may not have as many custom options as other types. 

Finding out which material is right for your custom tables can be hard, but with a bit of research you can find one that fits your needs and the style of your home.