As car owners, we’d like to think that our vehicle is indestructible. But that isn’t the case, and one of the most commonly damaged pieces is the windshield. If you have had windshield glass replacement recently, you want to be careful. Below are three tips that you should remember after windshield glass replacement to protect your investment.

1. Wait to Wash Your Car

After windshield glass replacement, you want to wait at least 24 hours to wash it. whether you are washing your car yourself or going to a car wash, you want to wait. Even though the glass won’t be damaged, the seal could be punctured. So, even though it could be hard, wait a day or two to wash your car. it won’t mind.

2. Crack a Window

Just like you want to wait to wash your car for at least 24 hours, you want to leave a window slightly cracked. The air in your car is going to expand and doing this will stop pressure from affecting your windshield’s inside.

3. Don’t Slam Doors

When you’ve had your windshield glass replaced, you want to be careful driving and you don’t want to slam your doors. Gently close them and avoid any types of potholes and bumpy roads for a few days.

Hopefully, you won’t need windshield glass replacement too often as a car owner. However, when the time comes that you do, remember these tips. Following them will help your new windshield do its job and keep you and your passengers protected while you’re in the car.