Of the many options that exist for perimeter drainage systems, a weeping tile system is one of the most highly regarded. The installation or retrofitting of weeping tile waterproofing into your home can help with drainage and prevent water infiltration and damage in your basement.

During installation or retrofit, a perforated drainage pipe is installed. This pipe is perforated and designed for water to come into the pipe and then be carried by gravity to a sump pump. From there, the sump pump moves the water out and away from the foundation.

A weeping tile waterproofing and drainage system can be installed either externally or internally to the structure, although a retrofit system will usually be done inside, as the excavation of a trench around the perimeter of the interior is less expensive than re-excavation of the soil outside the foundation. One important note is that weeping tile waterproofing needs to be able to avoid picking up large amounts of debris, as this can make the pump work harder and shorten the life of a sump or clog the system.

If you are interested in weeping tile waterproofing, contact your local waterproofing contractor. They can assess your basement and see what type of waterproofing is suitable. You can discuss your options with them. Many waterproofing companies offer a free estimate, so don’t hesitate to check around before making a decision. You can also check online to see if their reviews are good so that you have an idea what their customer service is like.