When the weather is hot, you want your air conditioning to keep you and your family cool. But a lot of HVAC technicians find there are three mistakes that people make that often lead to AC repair bills. Below are those three common mistakes to avoid making with your unit.

1. Trying to Fix It Yourself

One of the biggest mistakes is trying to fix your AC yourself. There are things that you can do yourself, like changing your air filter. But for the most part, you should call a professional in to help you with the repair. Not only are they going to have the knowledge, but they’re insured if something goes wrong.

2. Not Changing Filters

Another big mistake that people make is that they don’t change their filters. Changing the filter does more than keeping the air clean. It also will extend the life of your unit. A dirty filter is going to make your unit work harder.

3. Not Having Maintenance Done

Regular maintenance will help your AC run better. It also will help you find small problems before they become large, expensive problems. Smaller problems are easier and less expensive to fix. So, make sure that you have your unit tuned up regularly.

If you want to avoid high AC repair costs, then avoid making these three mistakes. If you take good care of your unit, it will help keep you and your family cool when the hot weather comes. Leave the repair to the professionals and you’ll stay cool when the heat turns up.