You Need Mold Removal: 4 Signs It’s Time to Call the Professionals

Mold can occur after serious water damage in your house. Most household molds can be quite dangerous, so it is important to hire mold removal services when you notice or suspect that there is a problem. Here are some signs that you have mold that needs to be removed.

  1. Grout In Your Shower is Darker – The darkness that appears in your shower’s grout is most likely mold. Mold grows in damp places, and your shower just happens to be one. If you find regular household cleaners are not removing the darkness, it is probably time to call the professionals.
  2. Finding it Hard to Breathe – If you are noticing you are affected by allergens or your asthma is acting up inside your home, there is a chance you might have mold. Mold creates toxins that affect the air and can cause severe reactions if bad enough.
  3. Your Home Smells – Bad smells coming from your air conditioner or heater are a sign that there is a problem. If your home starts to smell musty and damp, this is a sign that you probably need mold removal.
  4. Dark or Colored Spots on the Wall – Dark spots on the wall and peeling paint are often a sign of water damage. If the water damage wasn’t dealt with right away, it could mean that mold has begun to grow in these spots. This is a sign to call a mold removal professional for an inspection.

If you notice any of these signs but can’t pinpoint the problem, call a professional service and have an inspection done. Mold removal is serious and needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.