screen will also provide a lot of shade when sitting on your patio

Motorized screens are an incredible thing, but they do a lot more than impress guests. Motorized screens are actually very practical and useful to the average homeowner. Here are a few benefits they provide that will make your home owning experience a lot more satisfying every time you pull out your screen.

  • Bugs: Being outside in the summer is great, but the one thing that likes it more than people is mosquitos. These nasty insects love the heat, and the human targets the heat brings with it. With a motorized screen installed on your patio you will be able to enjoy outside whether while maintaining a barrier between you and the bugs.
  • Temperature: A mesh screen will also provide a lot of shade when sitting on your patio. With the reduced solar radiation on your body, it will feel 10 to 15 degrees cooler with a screen than without the screen. This also means the effects of UV lights will be reduced, greatly reducing the chance of a sunburn or skin cancer.
  • Home Value: An owner who has a motorized screen installed in their home is an owner who cares. A potential buyer later will see the screen, and not only see a functional feature, but a well-cared for home. This means the home will have a higher value, hopefully increasing the value by more than the cost of installing the screen.

While installing a motorized screen can be expensive, it may be well worth the cost. Between the screen making the patio more usable during the summer, and prestige of owning a motorized screen, it could pay for itself in no time.