The possibilities with dyed wood veneers is endless

Dyed wood veneers have been utilized for a long time in at-home styling, but their usage is only expanding. There are tons of projects that can be done with dyed wood veneers, making them the ultimate DIY project tool. Here are a few reasons why dyed wood veneers are the perfect tool for making your home more interesting.

  • Versatility: Dyed wood veneers can be used in dozens and dozens of projects. They can be used on all kinds of furniture pieces, can also be used to make a centerpiece, wooden lamp shade, or any sort of wall decoration. The possibilities with dyed wood veneers is endless.
  • Colors: The main advantage to dyed wood veneers is that they can come in any color. This means they not only come in a very large range of wood colors but can be any fun colors you’d like. You can use a white veneer on a sleek, modern desk but use blue wood veneer to make a stylish decoration hanging on your wall.
  • Price: While dyed wood veneer is not free it is significantly cheaper than getting into wood working. You can buy a couple large sheets of veneer and then be creative with it without having to worry about needing to make a large investment.
  • Variety: Not only do dyed wood veneers come in many colors, they come in many varieties as well. This means you can have the natural grain of any wood you want in any thickness you desire. The combinations of color and grain are endless!

If you are looking for an exciting, versatile, and cheap way to decorate your home, dyed wood veneers may be the right path for you.