Finding mold in your crawl space is awful because it can be costly and time consuming to hire crawl space removal services. No one wants crawl space mold removal to be done in their home, but sometimes it is an unfortunate necessity to prevent further damage in your home. However, when you spend so little time in your crawl space you may wonder what goes on during crawl space mold removal. Here are a few of the steps involved.

What Happens During Crawl Space Mold Removal
  • Stop the Water: Often mold problems arise due to water leaks or problems, so before any remediation happens the problem must be fixed. No point in doing crawl space mold removal if the mold will be back soon after.
  • Kill the Mold: Before mold is removed it is killed. This is done using a product that will kill the mold, such as borax. This is all part of the cleaning process. This is the time to find all possible spots where mold could have spread, because it all needs to go.
  • Removal: All the material that is left soggy, moldy, or rotten needs to be removed. Any that remains behind can be a persistent problem. This is also a good time to see double check and see how far the mold has gone, because as you remove you may find more places where the mold has spread.
  • Dry: After everything is cleaned and removed properly, the area needs to be dried thoroughly. This should include ventilating the area, and hopefully large electrical fans that can help circulate air. At best, an air purifier machine should be used to better circulate clean air into the area.

While you may not spend a lot of time in your crawl space, mold can still appear. When this happens make sure to call a professional to do crawl space mold removal.