Commercial photography has been steadily gaining popularity

Commercial photography has been steadily gaining popularity. Unlike other forms of photography which look into capturing memories, its sole basis is to push for sales via advertisements, merchandising as well as product placement. It’s a lucrative market, and the field is broad with plenty of opportunities.

Types of Commercial Photographers

  • Fashion Photography: As a fashion photographer, you get to work both outdoors and indoors at the studio. This is usually the first thing most people think of when they think of commercial photographers. Being able to direct your models’ poses is a skill which will come in handy.
  • Product Photography: As a section of commercial photography, it involves photographing a specific product or an entire product line. While doing this, more emphasis is placed on either the design of the product or on the case use of the product.
  • Food photography: This type of photography promotes menus. To take amazing pictures of food, you require an in-depth knowledge of still-life shots. Most of these shots are done on-site; at the restaurants. This means you will need to carry with you equipment such as lighting.
  • Environmental portraits: These types of portraits are often taken in the service industry. It involves taking pictures of professional individuals while at work, e.g. spa therapists.
  • Commercial architectural photography: As the name may have hinted, it involves taking a photo of retail space. This is done to market the architectural design of the building or the real estate appeal of the area.