One of the most common reasons for furnace repair

One of the most common reasons for furnace repair is a problem with a pilot light. But the good news is that there are things that you can often do yourself to help your pilot light without worrying about calling for furnace repair. Below are two tips you can use.

  • Relight Your Pilot light – When you have a pilot light out, gas won’t be feeding into your burner. This is true even when all of your furnace’s other systems are properly functioning. This is pretty easy to fix. Simply turn off the gas valve and then wait several minutes. Then you want to switch your valve to pilot. Hold your lighted match to the pilot opening and push your reset button at the same time. Make sure the button’s depressed until you see the flame of the pilot briefly burns. Then set your valve back to the on position.
  • Clean Your Pilot Light – It’s annoying when your pilot isn’t staying lit or it won’t light at all. This often means that that it’s full of dirt and needs a good cleaning. Turn your gas valve off, making sure the pipe and valve create a 90-degree angle. Wait several minutes to make sure there aren’t any gas fumes. Then use a small brush made of wire to clean around the hole and use a can of compressed air to spray debris away.

The next time you think you need furnace repair due to your pilot light, why not try one of these tips? You may just find you resolved it on your own.