With the rise of the gig economy, getting professional roofing help is becoming harder by the day. There are scammers and individuals with substandard qualifications who may end up destroying your roofing project. So, how do you increase the chances of hiring a qualified local roofing contractor?

  • License

The first and undoubtedly most important qualities to look for in a contractor is licensing. Before signing any agreement, ask the contractor for their license number or license ID card. If they can’t produce any, then they’re probably not genuine.

  • Insurance

Before allowing any contractor to set foot onto your roof, ensure that they are sufficiently insured. This includes liability as well as worker’s compensation insurance. This safeguards you against any third party claims and potential lawsuits.

  • Research Your Contractor

To do this, you can check with your local or state Better Business Bureau branch on the details that are not superficially available about your selected contractor. A reality check on the local roofing contractor’s track record is vital for your project’s success.

  • Pricing

While waiting to sign the contract, always ensure you have a clear understanding of the project’s total cost. More importantly, have it in writing so that there’s no deviation from the original price along the way.

Aside from this, don’t let price and warranties be the only guiding factors when looking for a local roofing contractor. Cheap may, at times, end up costing more in the long run. Find a balance between value and price.