Like any landscaping feature, ponds don’t last forever and need to be maintained and repaired as time goes on. When something goes wrong with your pond you may wonder if you should call pond services to repair it, or if you should take this chance to renovate your pond entirely. Here are a few things that will tell you whether you need to call pond services for repair or for renovation.

  • Desire: Before choosing to repair and leave your pond where it is, ask yourself whether you want to change up how your pond looks. If you have wanted to renovate your pond, then maybe this is the right time to change things up.
  • Cost: While you may want to renovate your pond for fun, you also must ask yourself if you can afford it. Pond repair services will cost less than renovation, but it will also only fix your pond rather than change the setup like renovation.
  • Needs of the Pond: When you diagnose your pond for the issue you may find out that the pond needs renovation whether you want to or not. If the pump, filters, and other mechanical parts are working fine but the pond is struggling to flow then maybe a renovation is necessary to fix that. 
  • Swampy: If your landscaping around the pond is getting kind of swampy or damp then it may be time for a renovation. A pond services company can fix issues within the pond, but if the water is struggling to stay within the lines it may be time for pond renovation. 

While hiring pond services especially for pond repair can be expensive, sometimes they may mean it’s time for a change. The next time you need repairs on your pond make sure to check out all your options.