Door inserts are a great way to customize your home

A door insert is a decorative piece of glass outlined by iron that can be put inside of your door. They can either be the entire door or retrofitted onto an existing door. They are a bit more expensive than a plain wooden door, but the advantages of a door insert greatly outweigh the cost. Here are 4 reasons why door inserts are worth the investment.

  1. Aesthetic: Door inserts are a great way to customize your home and add a bit of excitement to your front door. They give you an opportunity to express yourself because of the wide variety of designs that can be chosen. This also will increase the value of your home, because door inserts are a desirable thing in most homes.
  2. Natural Light: The more natural light a home or office has, the better. Everyone loves natural light and having a glass door will allow more light to get into your home. The more glass in a home, the more attractive the home will look to neighbors as well as potential future home buyers.
  3. Security: A door insert usually has 2 or sometimes 3 layers of glass. This makes the door much harder to break through than normal glass and adds an extra layer of security into your home. A thick and hard to break door is always great for security and peace of mind.
  4. Insulation: As mentioned before, a door insert will have multiple panes and possibly be heavier than a normal door. This means the heat or cooling inside your home will have a slightly more difficult time escaping your home.

While a door insert may be a little pricy, the advantages it brings to your home will more than pay for itself. Between the aesthetics, natural light, and security, door inserts are well worth the cost of installation.