plumbing services for a new water heater

One of the most common things that people call plumbing services for is to repair or replace their water heater. If you are wondering if you have to call plumbing services for a new water heater, below are four signs that your water heater is on the way out.

Age – Whether you aren’t sure when you last purchased your water heater or it’s been anywhere 10-15 years ago, it might be a good idea to replace it. Chances are that it’s time.

Water Color – If your water isn’t clear but it’s a brown or rusty color, you want to get a new water heater. It’s breaking down inside and it’s not healthy for you to use. It also could be there’s a lot of sediment building up int eh tan

Water Temperature – If you turn on the hot water and its not hot, this is a big sign that your water heater is on the way out.  Adjust the thermostat to ensure your temperature’s set in between 120-140 degrees. If anything’s lower the water might be warm instead of hot.

Taste/Smell – When you turn on your hot water, it smells and tastes metallic. This is a sign that your water heater’s breaking down, with flakes and grit from its inner tank and combining with the water supply.

These are four signs that you’ll be calling your plumbing services to have a new water heater put in. Keep a look out for them and you’ll know that the time is coming.