plumbing repair that requires a plumber

While there are a lot of big jobs that should be left to a plumber, there are smaller jobs that anyone can do with a little help from the internet. Everyone should own a plunger and be able to use it without having to call a plumber every time a toilet clogs. Here are a few more examples of plumbing repairs that can be done at home by anyone with or without experience.

  1. Unclogging a Toilet: As mentioned before, a clogged toilet is not a plumbing repair that requires a plumber. Anybody with a plunger and access to the internet should be able to unclog a toilet, no matter how unexperienced they are.
  2. Fixing a Leaky Faucet: A leaky faucet can mean a bolt is loose, or a washer needs to be replaced. In both of those cases, and internet tutorial and a wrench should be the only requirements for this fix, aside from a replacement part and capable hands. This is one plumbing repair that anyone can do if they put a little time and effort into.
  3. Replacing Showerheads: Replacing showerheads can save water, and luckily it isn’t a hard fix. Most showerheads don’t take more than 1 tool to take off or put on, so anyone should be able to pull off this plumbing repair.
  4. Leaking Toilet: Sometimes the back workings of a toilet can get loose or fall off, so it may constantly make a sound, or the handle may be less stiff. Don’t be afraid to take off the back lid and inspect and mess around with the little pieces back there. With an internet guide, you should be able to quickly fix any problems with the toilet.

Some repairs may require a professional plumber, but there are quite a few smaller projects that anyone with the knowledge are capable of doing. If you are not comfortable doing a plumbing project, then call a plumber, but a plumbing repair such as a clogged toilet or leaky faucet should be simple enough that anyone can do them.