When you visit your family dentist, there are a lot of things that they want to tell you during your visit. But there isn’t a lot of time. Below are three tips that your family dentist wants you to remember.

1. Don’t Chew Ice

Since it’s just water, people think that it’s okay to chew on ice. But it can actually damage your enamel and lead to cracked, broken or chipped teeth or loosen your crowns. Rather than having ice in your drink, chill your drink in the fridge instead.  This way you won’t be tempted to chew your ice.

2. Avoid A lot of Citrus

Things like oranges and grapefruits are good for you and full of vitamin C. However, they also contain a lot of acid, which can damage your enamel on your teeth. It’s okay to eat them in moderation, but you want to make sure that you are rinsing your mouth using water afterwards.

3. Watch Your Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is a popular snack. But a lot of them, such as prunes, apricots, raisins and figs are sticky. They can become stuck to your teeth and in the crevices, leaving a lot of sugar behind. If you want to eat them, rinse with water as well as brush your teeth and floss them after eating.

These are three things your family dentist wants you to know. Using these tips will help you have healthier teeth and a better dental checkup every time you go to the dentist.