These are three signs that you want to replace your windows

Windows let you look outside and enjoy nature. But if your windows are old and need replacing, they can cost you a lot of money. Below are three signs that it’s time to replace your windows.

Drafts When It’s Windy

If you’re feeling a breeze when you’re by the window, there’s a good chance that you have bad air leaks around the windows. This can be easily verified by lighting a stick of incense. If you’re noticing the smoke moving, your windows are leaking.

It’s Hard to Open and Close Your Windows

Windows shouldn’t be hard to open or close. Are you having trouble opening and closing the windows? If so, you should look into replacing them. This is especially true if you have wooden windows.

Fog in Between Double-Paned Windows

Are you noticing condensation or fog in between the windowpanes? This indicates that you have a failure in your seals, and that moisture’s invading the area in between the panes. When it’s very cold, it’s possible you’re even going to notice ice or frost buildup. If your windows are high quality, they can sometimes be repaired. But if the windows are old, it’s better and more efficient to replace them.

These are three signs that you want to replace your windows. Getting new windows can help you save money and they can make your home a lot more comfortable and efficient. Rather than letting money go out the window, literally, look into replacing them and saving money on your heating and cooling bills.