3 Characteristics of Great Hair Salon Stylists

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the really great hair salon stylists. You may have grown so accustomed to your stylist that you take her for granted. All you need to do to remember the importance of a good hair salon stylist is look at all of the horror stories online from unsatisfied customers who have had terrible experiences with less-than-desirable stylists. Wondering if your stylist is really all that great? Here are three signs that you have an awesome hair salon stylist who should be shared with the world (so tell your friends and family—don’t keep her talents all to yourself):

  1. Your stylist listens to you and delivers what you want. Some of the worst experiences in haircuts happen when the client ends up with something completely different than what was asked for. Good stylists will really take the time to listen and make sure they are on the same page as you before they begin.

  2. You have a connection with your stylist that you love. This one may be different depending on what you are looking for in a stylist; it may mean that you have a friend to talk to at each appointment. Or you may enjoy a more professional relationship at the hair salon. Your stylist will match what you want. Someone with a good attitude that you get along with is hard to replace.

  3. Great stylists will share advice and insight about hair care, styling tips, and what she thinks about the cut you want (e.g., will it flatter your face shape or not) while still deferring to you to make the final decision. She will happily share her knowledge about how to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

These are three signs you’ve found a wonderful stylist at your local hair salon. In return, you can recommend her to your friends and family. Your stylist will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness.