You might even find a local locksmith

It used to be that everyone went to their local locksmith when they needed extra keys for their vehicle. Then technology changed and key fobs came into existence. The dealership became the only place you could go for replacement keys and the price made many people content to get by with one key after they misplaced the spare.

The good news is that while the equipment to duplicate automotive keys and program them is certainly not inexpensive, many locksmiths have invested in it so that they can be a full-service local locksmith. You will find that the pricing is often far more reasonable than going to the dealership. You might even find a local locksmith that offers mobile services, so if you are stranded somewhere without your keys, all hope is not lost.

Obviously, the best approach is to have your local locksmith make one or more spare keys for you so that you are prepared for the future. Since they are more affordable this way, you won’t be as concerned about having them made for your peace of mind. It is also an easy way to manage when your vehicle is shared, such as when mom, dad, and a couple of teenaged drivers in the house all have access to one or two vehicles. Everyone can have their own key instead of needing to chase one down.

If you buy a used vehicle, sometimes they only give you one key. While you can try to negotiate with the dealership to give you a second one, sometimes that doesn’t work out. If they’re going to charge you instead, check with your local locksmith first and you could save money.