assisted living facility is to encourage independence

It can be challenging being an adult child of a parent who is struggling with living alone yet isn’t anywhere near needing the total care situation of a nursing home. They want to stay in their home even though that might not be safe for them. Talking to them about the advantages of senior assisted living can help them recognize that they can keep the independence and privacy that they currently enjoy while getting assistance with the things they struggle with or do not want to do anymore. Here are a few things about senior assisted living that you and your parent should know:

  1. Senior assisted living is a cost-effective solution. It is a common misconception that such a living arrangement is only for the wealthy. Not only are they more affordable than you might think, but there are options to explore for covering some or all of the costs.
  2. Each senior assisted living facility is different. It is like each has its own personality. If you tour one and it doesn’t appeal to you or your parent, don’t give up. Some are formal; some are relaxed and casual. Look for what fits your lifestyle and is as close to living at home as possible. Also look for the amenities, services, life enrichment programs, and features that will make for a more enjoyable life.
  3. Ways a senior assisted living facility differs from a nursing home. With a nursing home, every resident is treated similarly. They generally all need nearly everything done for them. The goal of an assisted living facility is to encourage independence and provide only the level of care each resident needs or wants. There is flexibility to set one’s own daily schedule yet have the peace of mind that caregivers are present when needed to provide support.