top complaints that air conditioning contractors hear

If you spend enough time in any career, you are bound to have heard it all when it comes to complaints and concerns. Air conditioning contractors definitely get their share as most calls have to do with a system that isn’t working properly and panic is setting in as the house gets warmer and warmer. Here are the top complaints that air conditioning contractors hear. See if any of them ring a bell and if they do, it may be time to called your favorite company.

  1. My utility bill has skyrocketed! While air conditioning contractors can’t help rising utility prices, they can help if your system isn’t operating efficiently causing your cooling costs to increase.
  2. Some rooms are too cold and others uncomfortable! This is generally a ductwork problem where the uncomfortable rooms aren’t getting the airflow that other rooms are. This is especially true if everything used to be fine.
  3. My A/C runs constantly and its still humid in my house! Sometimes this problem is related to the air conditioning, but other times it is a moisture issue in your home that your air conditioning just can’t resolve. Before you call your A/C professional, check around for leaks, a wet crawlspace, and other moisture issues.
  4. My house is so dusty! The reality is that this is usually something a homeowner mentions when they have actually called because the system isn’t working properly. What air conditioning contractors generally find when they get there is that the filters haven’t been replaced and the system is pushing dirt around with each cycle and it has caused damage to the A/C, as well. Filter replacement is critical!
  5. I had the HVAC replaced and my bills are still crazy high! While upgrading to a higher SEER rating can lower your cooling costs, that isn’t the entire story. Even a new system cannot keep up if your home lacks insulation, you keep the windows or doors open, or otherwise cause it to work too hard.