Finding bee removal and relocation services

There are many species of bees that can all nest and act differently within the confines of your property. When these bees find their way onto your property, it can be important to know what kind of species they are to know how best to go about bee removal. As bees become increasingly endangered, it is important to know how to call in bee removal services, as opposed to an exterminator. Here are a few species of bees and how bee removal changes for each species.

  • Honeybees: While having a bee infestation is not desirable, a honeybee infestation may be better than other bees. Beekeepers may want to do the bee removal themselves, so they can keep them, but that is only in specific cases. Bee removal is far better than extermination, especially in the case of honeybees.
  • Carpenter Bees: Carpenter bee removal has fewer positives but is still possible. The bees can be pushed out using specific techniques and then the nest entrances can be plugged up, forcing them to take refuge elsewhere.
  • Wasps: This is the least desirable of “bee” infestations. Wasps can be particularly dangerous, and no beekeeper would have a reason to collect these. Many would choose to exterminate wasps, but removal and relocation is still possible.

Finding bee removal and relocation services can be more or less difficult depending on what species of bee is infesting your property. Being aware of what species has made its way onto your property can make that search easier.