If, like most people, you have grown tired of how your door looks like, maybe it’s time to do something about it. Give your door a new lease of life by installing door inserts. These upgrades are fantastic in that they improve its aesthetics while also allowing light to filter in.

Inserts come in a wide range of designs and choices. A good majority of these inserts offer preferable attributes, including a ten-year warranty against staining as well as fogging. Others include features such as variations in color and maintenance-free PV frames.

Door Insert Choices

Glass Trim – These are undoubtedly the most effective inserts in the market. They feature tempered glass, decorative acrylic lites, solar bronze, clear lexane alternatives and insulated glass. Glass door inserts enable the sunshine to get into a room/space. They are also pleasing to look at.

Decorative Trim – Decorative trims are the most popular utilized inserts. As the name eludes, they are designed to enhance the appearance of the door, making it more stylish and attractive. Such a trim may either be: long panel, standard or carriage panel. They are usually made from wood, glass or plastic.

Decorative Acrylic Lites – When properly installed, Decorative Acrylic Lites provide a stunning, classic look. These inserts feature leaded-glass as well as glimmering prisms. They come in four designs existing as either antique, simple brass or platinum.

Good-quality door inserts don’t call for much upkeep, aside from the typical regular cleansing using water and a microfiber/paper towel to remove the grime. Additionally, they tend to last long, thus offer value for money.