Some Pool Landscaping Things to Do and Not to Do

Knowing how to do pool landscaping can be complicated, because there are more rules than you might think. You need to be aware of what landscaping will make your pool usable, clean, and will work near water. Here are some of the pool landscaping do’s and don’ts that you should be aware of.


  • Safety: The most important part of designing your pool is to make sure it is safe for everyone. This means that something like a fence to prevent children from getting into your pool is a priority.
  • Keep Furniture in Mind: If you want to maximize enjoyment of your pool area, make sure it can accommodate furniture. While the point of a pool is swimming you will need a place to lounge as well.
  • Shading Plants: Shading plants can provide a huge benefit. Make sure to strategically place pool-friendly plants that can provide aesthetics and will not be too sparse.


  • Thinking Short-Term: If you fail to consider how large plants will get before organizing and designing your pool landscaping you may run into some problems later down the line. Make sure to plan with an end-goal in mind, not a short-term goal.
  • Wrong Plants: Some plants will look great and provide shade but might attract bugs or shed a lot of debris and leaves into the pool. These qualities would make the plants a terrible option for pool landscaping, so make sure to avoid them.

Pool landscaping has a lot of logical rules, but if you are not thinking specifically of these things when you start your plan you may forget them. Make sure to consult these dos and don’ts before you start planning your pool landscaping.