quartz countertops have a lot of benefits

If you are looking to renovation your kitchen, you’ll be considering various materials for the countertops and quartz countertops have a lot of benefits that put them in the running. As with any decision, it pays to learn as much as you can, not only in how you’ll be affected by your choice, but so you can best understand what you’ll be putting into your home. Here are some interesting facts about quartz countertops that you might not already know.

  • Quartz Countertops Aren’t from a Solid Stone – In fact, quartz countertops are not 100% stone at all. They are manufactured using a variety of crushed materials, including natural stone, granite, marble, recycled materials, and some quartz, bound together with a cement-based or polymeric binder.
  • One Company Holds the Patent – Although there are many different companies producing quartz countertops and putting their own unique spin on the process, they all are working off the original patent owned by the Breton company that developed the technology in 1963.
  • A Popular Manufacturer Has Diverse Interests – A top name in quartz countertops is Cambria and when you get your countertops from them, you might end up one day slicing some cheese on it that was also made by them as this family business supplies quite a bit of cheese to Kraft each year – roughly 333,000,000 pounds worth!
  • Rising in Popularity – The popularity of quartz countertops is rising at a quick rate and that is good news – surprisingly, for those wanting granite instead – when you consider the economics of supply and demand.