Safety Precautions Roofers Should Take During Commercial Roofing Maintenance

Commercial roofers have to be extra careful as they maintain roofs to avoid damaging a client’s building and personal injury.

Some common dangers roofers face during the commercial roofing maintenance process are improperly secured ladders and tree branches obscuring view partially. Here are some precautions that you as a roofer can take to ensure you’re always safe:

1. Clean up as You Work

Cleaning up as you work helps in avoiding creation of debris that may lead to injury or falls. It also helps in making a roof maintenance exercise to be successful. It always helps to bring a fellow roofer along so they can help keep the work surface safe if you’re all caught up.

2. Keep the Work Area Clean and Organized

When you’re done with tools during your routine commercial roofing maintenance, arrange them and place them back in the toolbox. Leaving them on the roof is a bad idea since they may injure you or fall on pedestrians, children, or even animals down below.

3. Secure Ladders Before Use

Secure ladders with stabilizers when using them for maximum stability and safety. Asking someone to hold it may not be 100% effective. Keeping the ladder steady also prevents damage to a structure’s gutter system.

4. Don’t Work During Harsh Weather

Weather conditions such as high temperatures and heavy rain make commercial roofing maintenance impossible and can also lead to serious injury. Consider having contingency plans in place to avoid wasting time if you must wait for the weather to be conducive.