you need rodent control is the presence of rodent droppings

When it comes to rodents, there aren’t many people who are welcoming towards them in your homes! Rodents are very damaging to properties and in different ways. Rodents can eat through wires causing electrical problems, they can burrow through your walls causing structural issues, and they can cause issues with building nests and spreading disease. This makes them tricky to take care of on your own without professional help since one rodent likely only means there is one visible rodent with others hiding nearby. If you are worried about rodent control, here are a few signs to watch out for- and get the phone ready, since you’ll likely want to call an exterminator!

  1. Droppings. One of the easiest and most obvious signs that you need rodent control is the presence of rodent droppings. Rodents defecate droppings frequently, so there are often many small droppings present. This poses a health risk since diseases can be transmitted through rodent droppings.
  2. Strange pet behavior. Sometimes you will have pets pick up on foul odors of rodents before you do- they have a better sense of smell, after all! If you have a dog or cat that is constantly smelling, scratching or curious by a certain spot on your wall or outside, you might want to have it checked for rodents.
  3. Signs of Chewing. Rodents are very capable climbers and can squeeze themselves through the tiniest of holes! They can get into most anywhere, so don’t be surprised if you see chewing on walls, cereal boxes, and the dog food hidden in the garage all in one day.

Rodents can be dangerous. If you see or notice these signs, consider calling for rodent control immediately to protect your property.