One of those is crawl space mold removal
Crawl space under typical American house.

There is nothing quite like the rewarding feeling of tackling a home improvement or home repair issue as a DIY project and completing it successfully. However, there will always be certain tasks that you should leave for the professionals. One of those is crawl space mold removal. There are several reasons why this does not have DIY potential.

First of all, it can be very difficult to assess what species of mold is present in even the best of environments, but a dark foreboding crawl space is one of the worst. You could go into it thinking it is a mild species only to end up seriously ill because it was a more dangerous mold species.

Another reason not to handle crawl space mold removal yourself is that you probably do not have the necessary safety equipment or knowledge about safety protocols to keep the mold from being a danger to you while handling the removal or to your family if you were to further spread the mold spores into your home.

Even if you put the potential danger of the mold aside, a crawl space can be a dangerous place on its own. Any number of inhabitants could be present, such as venomous spiders, mice and rats, snakes, and much more.

Finally, even if you did buy all the equipment and educated yourself on safe crawl space mold removal, without the guidance of a professional to determine the reason the mold activated in the first place, you could easily have it return again. It is important to learn what conditions made it so hospitable for the mold so that they can be resolved.