Is It Time to Repair or Replace Windows?

Windows can be an expensive thing, so when they break you may wonder if it is worthwhile to repair or replace the windows. While in some cases you will need to repair or replace, there are times when you can simply live with it. Here are sometimes when you would need to repair or replace your windows.

  • Cracks in Single Pane: If you have a crack or cracks in your window with no negative side effects then you might not need to replace them. For aesthetic reasons you may want to replace them, or if weather can be harsh to windows, but if they are functional, they could remain for some time. They can be replaced easily by a homeowner or a professional.
  • Cracks in Double Pane: A crack in a double pane window can reduce the efficiency of the window. If you want your double paned windows to effectively insulate your home, then you should call a professional to have it repaired if possible or replaced.
  • Water: Sometimes a broken window will seep water inside of your home which can cause damage to the wall and floor by the window. Get this repaired or replaced so you can prevent future damage to your home.
  • Fog: If you multi-paned window is fogging up then it means it probably is not sealed like it should be. This should get fixed or repaired in order to get the window back into working condition, otherwise it may stay foggy and be difficult to see through.

Windows can be an annoyance if they break, but it is almost always worth fixing the issue. Next time your windows display one of these problems make sure to replace or repair the window.