experienced heating services professional

When you invest in a new HVAC system, you assume it is going to give you a long life. While that is often the case and you won’t need major air conditioning or heating services, and those you might need are covered by the warranty, there are situations where you could inadvertently void the warranty and end up in trouble. Here are the ways you can lose your heating services warranty.

  • You forget to register your equipment. Don’t assume that the company providing your heating services has registered your warranty. Take the time to register it yourself. It is usually just a quick phone call, mail in card, or online process.
  • You don’t have the system services annually. Most HVAC equipment requires an annual maintenance visit be performed to keep the warranty in force. It’s not just smart to have heating services done every year for the warranty, but also so you can keep your heating costs down and reduce large repair bills down the road.
  • You go with the wrong company for repairs and they don’t use the right parts or install them incorrectly. If it turns out your HVAC failure is because the heating services you hired cut corners using non-original parts, also called off-brand, or didn’t have the experience to install them properly, the warranty might not cover the repair or replacement. Always choose an experienced heating services professional for any maintenance or repair services.

Annual heating services by an experienced professional is your best defense against losing your warranty. It is actually an even better idea to go with twice a year on an HVAC system; once in the spring on the A/C and once in the fall on the furnace.