collision repair can do a good job on their normal vehicle

People may not realize, but not all collision repair shops are created equal. While of course there are specific collision repair shops for higher end or specialty vehicles, but many people assume any normal collision repair can do a good job on their normal vehicle. However, this is not the case. Some collision repair shops will cut corners and may not bring your vehicle up to the quality you deserve. Here are some signs to look out for that could indicate a collision repair shop is not doing as great of a job as they should.

  • Clear Explanation: When you drop a car off at a collision repair shop, you should explain an in-depth explanation of what is being repaired, verbally and in writing. A sketchy repair shop may generalize the repairs being done, or not have paperwork detailing all of the repairs.
  • Look up Close: After your car has been repaired, make sure to look at it very closely before you leave the collision repair center. Make sure all of the body panels are aligned, and that the paint is the exact same color. Sometimes the color may not match because the rest of the car has lost its shine, but you should expect the color to be very close. If possible, try and get underneath the car and see any working parts that may have been damaged. If they cut corners, they may not have aligned all the underworking properly, and that will affect future wear on tires and the chassis. If any part of the inspection brings to light any issues with the repair, you can fight back. Make the repair shop fix it again, but this time correctly.

Collision repair is rarely an enjoyable experience, but it should be seamless. Make sure to go to a reputable place, and if you feel your car was mistreated or improperly repaired it is okay to fight back. Your car deserves to be fixed properly, and you should not have to put up with a subpar collision repair shop.