Your siding is discolored, covered in algae, mold, and other growths, and all around dirty. Your first instinct may be to call up your local powerwashing company to have them come and spray down your siding. Sure, your siding will look better for a little while. But before long, you’ll be picking up the phone again because your siding looks grungy once more.

We want you to know there’s a better solution to this never-ending cycle. New siding cleaning services now use soft washing and special cleaning solutions that will make your siding look like new again. They take things a step further by not only making your siding clean but also getting rid of the source of the buildup for a clean that lasts much, much longer.

Siding cleaning services are great for routine home upkeep, but they’re also ideal when you want to paint or stain your home. Soft washing uses special cleaning solutions to get rid of the source of the grime, so the paint or stain will adhere even better to your home, providing a stunning, eye-catching result. Soft washing is also much gentler than powerwashing, so you’ll be able to enjoy your newly painted or stained siding for even longer.

When it’s time for your siding to be cleaned, consider soft washing. This type of cleaning is now getting more popular with homeowners. For your safety, do not attempt to DIY. Soft washing and especially powerwashing should be done by trained technicians only.