They make the room look larger than narrow wood flooring would

If you want to update your home, one of the most important things to do is keep an eye on trends in home improvements. Here are four popular wood flooring installation trends that can help you get the most from your flooring renovation:

  • Trend #1 – Wider Planks: There is an amazing character benefit to be enjoyed with wider planks. They make the room look larger than narrow wood flooring would. They are equally as popular in modern homes and older ones. They make a modern home look even more contemporary and they elevate an older home to have more authentic, rustic charm.
  • Trend #2 – Simple Layout: If you want to give your home the trendiest appearance, stick with a simple straight lay installation. Fancy installations, such as diagonal layout, herringbone, using multiple widths, and including a border are viewed as too busy and are not in favor. That’s good news because those layouts cost more for flooring installation.
  • Trend #3 – Farmhouse: You don’t have to spend long looking at online sites, watching rehab shows on television, or looking at magazines to realize that rustic farmhouse style is on the rise in terms of popularity. Its welcoming appearance is hard to resist. There are many wood flooring options that will give you this popular result.
  • Trend #4 – Solid Wood Flooring: The trend is moving away from engineered products and those, such as bamboo, that aren’t really wood. Homeowners are looking for wood flooring installation that can last centuries and solid wood flooring that can be refinished several times is the only type to provide this benefit. The value that solid wood adds to a home is far higher, too. Plus, solid wood flooring is unlikely to ever go out of style.