Running water inside your home is a great thing to have- as long as it is coming into the home via pipes and plumbing rather than flooding and seeping! A home that isn’t watertight can deal with issues like foundation damages, mold, and other problems that are often quite costly. If you have issues with drainage or water in your basement, you might be looking for a waterproofing company that can assist you. Here are a few ways that you can find one that will work for you.

First, ask around for referrals- especially to your immediate neighbors. Neighbors in the area will often have either similar drainage issues that you might have or will have homes built around the same time frame and with similar materials. Asking your friends and neighbors about who they used as their waterproofing company, if they liked them or would use them again is a great start.

Second, look online for referrals and ask for references. A great and established waterproofing company will be able to offer you either references or give you some examples of their past work. This can be helpful in deciding who you would like to move forward with.

Finally, look for skills beside waterproofing. A good waterproofing company isn’t simply good at the waterproofing aspect of their work, but will also be skilled in communication, timeliness, and customer service as well. If you are uncomfortable just trying to get a quote, choose someone that makes you feel comfortable from the get-to for a better experience.

Get a great experience with a waterproofing company today by following these steps.