Water damage can be disastrous. Water can do so much damage to your home or business property. Water damage is such a big problem because water can get everywhere.  It can seep into microscopic cracks and crevices, making it very hard to dry everything out.  Water also can damage wood, paper, flooring, furniture, sheetrock, and can cause metal to rust. Where there is water, mold usually follows shortly.  Water damage repair is critical to getting your home or business cleaned up and back to normal.

Since water can cause so much damage, it is important that water damage repair is done by a professional.  They will know if it is ok to use fans to dry out sheetrock and flooring, or if it needs to be ripped out and replaced.  A professional will also have access to better and higher quality tools to safely and efficiently clean up water.  They will have high powered wet vacs and industrial grade fans that are a lot more effective than what the average person has access to. It is also important to have a trained professional do all water damage repair because they are trained to cleanup mold.  It only takes 24 hours for mold to start growing on wet carpet, walls, and furniture.  Mold not only looks awful, but it can make people very sick.  A professional will know how to safely remove mold and will know what types of chemicals work for different types of mold. If mold is not cleaned up the right way, it can cause many health and respiratory problems.  To keep everyone on the property safe it is important to have mold taken care of right away.