concealed carry means you can defend yourself

Currently, over 50 states allow American citizens to be legally armed, thanks to “The Concealed Carry Recipitory Act of 2017.” This is a right protected by the 2nd amendment. Here’s a list of the pros a law-abiding citizen gets to enjoy from this.

•    Increased Security – It’s a given that crime is prevalent in most major cities. Now you can always stay safe as well as protect your loved ones, whenever, wherever. This of course increases the level of your security and that of the people you hold so dear.

•    Crime Deterrence – As stated earlier, the second amendment allows you to keep and bear arms. Statistically, states which support this have witnessed reduced cases in crime. This includes murders, rapes as well as aggravated assaults by 8.5%, 5%, and 7% respectively.

•    Public Shootings – With the recent increase in public shooting sprees across the nation, CPLs (concealed carry license) could potentially help lower or ward off such instances. Imagine how many lives could have been saved in the Las Vegas shootings had there been someone with a concealed weapon around.

•    Helping Yourself – Relying on the police can be challenging. Studies conducted by Maryland University indicates that the average response time by police to an emergency call takes 11 minutes. In some instances, it takes longer.

Calling 911 and reporting the situation is still necessary, but when you find yourself being robbed or attacked, having a concealed carry means you can defend yourself while waiting for the police to arrive.