professional mold removal services should be called

You may see mold in your home and wonder if it is okay to perform mold removal services yourself. The answer is that it depends. Mold can appear on many surfaces and can simply be cleaned away without worry. The worry is if it is recurring, or if the mold goes deeper than you might suspect. Here are some examples of times when mold might appear, and what to do about it.

  • Shower Mold: If mold is appearing in your shower, you most likely do not need to worry. Sometimes mold will show up in very wet parts of your home, so make sure to use a good cleaner to get it off. If the shower mold is large and doesn’t stay away for long, then professional mold removal services should be called.
  • Outside Doors: If mold is appearing on the doors that lead outside, especially on the edges of the door, it can be removed fairly easily. Simply clean the door with a mold-killing solution, and the mold should come off. If the mold encompasses larger parts of the door and does not come off, then it may be time for a new door. 
  • Drywall Mold: If you have a large patch of mold growing on your drywall, then something more sinister may be happening. If it is several square feet large, then call professional mold removal services so they can remove the mold and look deeper into where the mold is coming from.

Things like mold around sinks, showers, baseboards, water heaters, and other wet places can be dealt with by yourself, but sometimes it gets worse. If you feel that the mold is not normal, like it is in those places, then call professional mold removal services. They will be experts at removing any mold that you do not feel adequate at dealing with.