Massage therapy is a wonderful aid to diet and exercise

Like a headache, lower back pain is something that nearly every adult has experienced at some point in his/her life. In fact, some sources state that nearly 80% of Canadians and Americans complain of lower back pain. While painful, the good news is that many cases of lower back pain don’t have to be permanent! Many people are finding that by changing some key factors in their lifestyle, they are able to manage and even prevent episodes of lower back pain.

Many of the things that contribute to lower back pain are actually lifestyle-related. Since earning a living has shifted from farms to indoor offices, the fact is that many people just sit too much during their day. This can lead to excess weight and poor posture, both of which can cause lower back pain. By starting a diet and exercise routine, you can help give your body more support, which will lower your incidence of lower back pain. Additionally, an exercise routine will give you more energy and help you feel better.

Massage therapy is a wonderful aid to diet and exercise when it comes to managing your lower back pain. Massage therapy comes with many benefits, such as increased circulation to healing muscles, removal of painful knots in the muscles, better stretching and flexibility, increased awareness of your body movements, and so on. Massage therapy can also help you relax and enable your muscles to relax, rather than contract painfully.