Avoid a Salon if You See These 5 Red Flags

Finding a great salon can be difficult, because there are so many variables to whether they are a good match for you. This means there are tons of options in any given area, so how can you eliminate them and only find the good candidates? Here are 5 red flags that a salon may give you that are a sign to avoid them.

  1. No Info Online: If their website is a bit of a wasteland with nothing to offer you in terms of information, it can be hard to even make an appointment or find their hours. While not a red flag that their business is bad, but that could make the salon not worth your time to try.
  2. Bad Reviews: If people who review the place are generally unhappy with their service, it may mean you will be unhappy with it too. Make sure to find a salon that people are happy with and proud of going to. 
  3. Heavy Discounts: Heavy discounts can mean the salon is offering subpar services. A good salon will have competitive pricing but will not severely undercut the local competition.
  4. Consultation: Learning how to best help you is an important part of running a salon. If a stylist wants to just jump into it without learning much about what you want and your hair needs, that can be a red flag.
  5. Unfriendly Staff: This one should go without saying, but unfriendly and unkind staff is not a great sign. Salon staff should be there to help you, not make it difficult to get your hair done.

Finding the right salon for you can be a bit of work, but make sure to use these tips to know what salons to avoid.