install a brand-new system designed by your plumber

If you are getting ready to move to a new home, it is understandable that you may be considering moving your water softener system. After all, you spent a significant amount of money having a plumber test your water, install your water softener system, maintain your system, and make any necessary repairs. Water softener system moving can sometimes be a good idea, but there are many things to discuss with your plumber before deciding about this.

First of all, the water softener system installed in your current home was designed specifically for the water in that home. You may not realize how much water can vary from home to home. Your water could be significantly different from the water at your neighbor’s house. The water at your new home may or may not have a similar makeup to the water at your current home.

To determine whether or not moving your water softener system makes sense, you would need to have a plumber test the water at your new home and compare those results to the results of the most recent water quality testing at your current home. If they are similar, it may be okay. However, moving the system could be a major hassle and will probably require your plumber to assist, so there are some cost and benefit concerns to consider.

Another thing to consider is that having a professionally installed and well-maintained water softener system already in place could be a major selling feature for your current home. This information could be included in your listing and would be attractive to potential buyers. If it enables you to increase the selling value of the home, it may be best to skip the water softener system moving process and use that additional money to install a brand-new system designed by your plumber specifically for your new home.