granite kitchen countertops the greatest countertop

Granite Kitchen Countertops are often viewed as the greatest material for countertops. However, is this true? Are granite kitchen countertops the greatest countertop that have ever graced the suburban kitchen? Here is a quick look at some of the pros and cons of granite countertops, as well as a quick discussion of whether other materials can rival the pro/con list.


  • Scratch Resistant: While cutting boards are still a necessity, a granite countertop is resistant to getting scratched by most every day-to-day activity it could be hit with.
  • Heat Resistant: Granite kitchen countertops can take heat very well. Hot pads should still be used, but most hot kitchen containers should not permanently damage or discolor granite kitchen countertops.
  • Style: Granite is a lovely material and can really make a kitchen pop. And with its variety of color options, granite can find its way into almost any kitchen design.


  • Sealant: Granite is very porous, so if sealings are done infrequently granite can absorb and harbor liquids and bacteria.
  • Chipping: While granite is very resistant to scratching, it is not as resistant to chipping. While most granite kitchen countertops will not have bowling balls dropped on them, they are at risk of chipping due to the numerous hard and metal objects in a kitchen.

Granite kitchen countertops are functionally and stylistically great but are not very advantageous over other materials. Something like quarts has an almost identical pro and con list, but it does not have the style and prestige of granite. When considering installing countertops, make sure to weigh in how much the prestige of granite kitchen countertops matters to you.