A Locksmith Can Explain Everything You Need to Know About Car Key Programming

Most cars these days have an electronic key. With the click of a button you can unlock your car, set off an alarm, or open your rear door. So how does this work? How come when you click the unlock button it only unlocks your car and not other cars? Well, your local locksmith can tell you that each key is actually programmed specifically to each car. Here’s how it works.

  • Car Key
    • Put the already programmed key in the ignition.
    • Turn the key (don’t start the car), turn the car off. Repeat these steps with the spare key.
    • Within 10 seconds, take out the programmed key and put the new unprogrammed key in the ignition.
    • Turn the car on and off with the new key.
    • Leave the key in the ignition and wait for the security icon to pop up on your dashboard.
    • Test out your newly programmed key.
  • Key Fob
    • Put the programmed key in the ignition.
    • Turn the key without starting the ignition.
    • Press the unlock button on your key fob.
    • Turn the ignition off. Repeat these steps with any other fobs you may have.
    • Once again, turn the ignition on without starting the car, then press the unlock button on all remotes.
    • Turn the car ignition off and test your fobs.
  • Replacing keys
    • Purchase a blank key for the make and model of your car.
    • Call a locksmith to complete the programming. Replacing keys usually needs to be done by a professional. If you try to program a key yourself (without having both original keys) the process will most likely just unlock your car and not start your car.

These are basic instructions for car key programming. If you have issues, read your owner’s manual, or call us a professional locksmith in your area to get it done quick and hassle-free.