commercial roofer can assist you with producing a drainage layout

A commercial property needs to have enough drainage for the space to be safe. Many commercial roof surfaces are flat, thus making it tough for water to drain on its own. A commercial roofer can assist you with producing a drainage layout that ensures the water that comes along will drain accordingly.

Inner Drains Are Critical

Your roof needs plenty of inner drains for the space to clean out. A commercial roofer can install many inner drains that will link to a larger series of pipes. The drains will move the water that accumulates out from the rest of the space. The setup works well provided there are enough inner drains ready and that the pipe system is thorough and moves through the whole area.

Inclines Are Necessary

There may be times when it is hard for water to flow towards the inner drains. Inclines may be installed around a flat commercial roof to ease the water towards those spaces. A commercial roofer would have to measure the slopes and build them up based on how well the water can move.

Can Scuppers Work?

You could also add scuppers to the sides of your commercial property if you have room for them. A scupper is an opening on the outside wall that features a small metal box surrounding the space. The water that moves through will exit out of the scupper and allows the water to drain.

You can talk with a commercial roofer for details on how well your roof can handle the water it takes in. You need to keep the roof from taking in more water than what it should receive.